Kinesiology Taping Course
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This online course is designed specifically with horse owners, riders and trainers in mind. You do not have to be a professional equine bodyworker to join!


Discover what elastic kinesiology taping can do to improve athletic potential in your horse, how it can speed recovery from tough workouts, and aid during rehabilitation from injury.

Learn to do the following:
• Support joints, ligaments and tendons in work
• Increase muscle efficiency
• Relax tense muscles
• Increase circulation
• Release restrictions in fascia
• Reduce inflammation and associated pain

Meet the course instructor:


Judith Rathbone is a renowned equine sports specialist, writer and speaker with Certification in both Equi-Bow and Equi-Taping methodologies.

Her understanding of functional anatomy, and her own participation as a high performance athlete has given her the ability to relate to her clients’ needs. Her experience in helping Grand Prix level athletes attain and maintain performance excellence has made her a much sought after Equine Bodywork Practitioner. 


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Disclaimer: This course is designed to help horse owners learn to do taping applications on their own horses. It is not a substitute for proper veterinary care, and will not qualify participants to provide professional taping services on horses that belong to others.