Our bodywork sessions and maintenance programs are designed to support equine athletes throughout the long competitive season, and are tailored to integrate seamlessly into competition and training schedules with little to no ”down-time”.


Some common problems amongst equine athletes include:

Recurring injury / Performance plateaus / Resistance to training / High stress levels / Fatigue / Stiffness / Shortened stride / Limited range of motion / Breakdown of jumping technique / Loss of balance and co-ordination / Lack of fluidity or poor movement quality

These issues occur regularly in performance horses and are detrimental to competitive pursuits. Using an innovative approach and proven techniques, we help equine athletes avoid training and performance issues, work through problems that arise, and assist them in attaining and maintaining excellence.


Equi-Bow is a form of bodywork that uses light-touch, rolling ‘moves’ to affect fascia (connective tissue). These unique ‘moves’ access the central nervous system to help bring about positive changes.


Horses experience increased body awareness (proprioception), improved balance and co-ordination, correct posture, efficient muscle function and correct biomechanics, a reduction in sports related injury, and improved athletic performances.

Favorable effects are seen not only in musculoskeletal alignment, but also in systemic function and behavior, making Equi-Bow a good support for a variety of conditions. Used as a part of routine maintenance programs, Equi-Bow can help equine athletes reach their full potential.


Equi-Tape affects the horse’s body by interacting with the skin and associated neurosensory and mechanoreceptors.


The elastic properties of Equi-Tape, its design characteristics and application techniques decompress tissue and allow for increased circulation. This “lifting principle” impacts how pain receptors respond to the messages associated with swelling and inflammation.

It is used to assist muscles in work, relieve spasm, decompress tight tissue, increase circulation and lymphatic function, and support joints and ligaments. Results can often be seen almost immediately and continue over the duration of the application.


Equi-Bow and Equi-Taping are not substitutes for proper veterinary care, but are complementary support to veterinary medicine and other forms of bodywork. Practitioners do not prescribe medications or make diagnoses.