Judith Rathbone

Judith Rathbone is a renowned equine sports specialist, writer and speaker with Certification in both Equi-Bow and Equi-Taping methodologies.

Her understanding of functional anatomy, and her own participation as a high performance athlete has given her the ability to relate to her clients’ needs. Her experience in helping Grand Prix level athletes attain and maintain performance excellence has made her a much sought after Equine Bodywork Practitioner. 




Laura McCormack Sharpe

Consulting Practitioner Laura McCormack Sharpe brings a detail-oriented approach to her sessions. Her experience with competitive show horses coupled with her unique ability to problem solve, makes her a client favourite in both collaborative rehabilitation and performance support situations. She holds certification in both Equi-Bow and Equi-Tape methodologies, and has been awarded the honour of completing her Equi-Taping Certification with Distinction.




Lyndsey Hall

Consulting Practitioner Lyndsey Hall brings together her background in human physiotherapy with her hunter/jumper and thoroughbred experience. This distinctive  combination gives her an understanding of fitness, performance and the process of creating athletes at their best. Lyndsey is certified in the Equi-Bow methodology.